- Mary Sinnett, mtshairdesign.com

- Mary Sinnett, mtshairdesign.com

We collaborated with Rachel on our photoshoot for Modjewel, a line of interchangeable handbags. We really wanted to show off the different “incarnations” of the bag by swapping out the components to match different outfits. I sent Rachel a moodboard of ideas for outfits and the general mood for the shoot. On the day of the shoot, Rachel brought in several outfits that were on brand and on point for the collaboration and matched our color palette. Since we didn’t go through a prior “model fitting,” Rachel had to put her own magic touch to make sure all outfits fit the models seamlessly. She has a great vision for styling, great tricks to make looks fit and an intuition to accommodate her client’s needs and budget. We’d definitely work with Rachel again and recommend her as a stylist to any brands in need of one.
— Eliana Ghantous, Founder of Modjewel, mymodjewel.com
Rachel brings warmth, compassion, and a dynamite smile to her work with clients. Rachel took the time to get to know and understand me on a personal and professional level, and then assessed my goals which were to provide a closet makeover. Within four hours, 2/3 of my clothes were readied for donation, and as my closet lightened, I felt lighter, too. She then showed me how to coordinate styles and colors; she measured me, and created a personalized style-guide to ensure future clothing purchases were the right color, style, and sizes to maintain my desired image. She’s amazing!
— Grace Moniz, Executive & Career Coach, career-insights.net
Today I woke up happy. For the first time in a long time, I was able to walk into my closet without shame, anxiety and a heavy heart and I have my stylist, Rachel Klewicki to thank for that. Rachel truly is a life changer, in the realest sense of the word. I have spent years accumulating clothes, clinging to the idea that every item had the perfect life event, goal weight just around the corner. The chaos in my closet spilled over into so many parts of my life.I felt messy, out of control and overwhelmed. I started wearing the same couple of items over and over, not with the creative freedom I usually enjoyed, all I wanted to do was avoid my mess.

Enter Rachel. I have never had anyone spend as much time and personalized attention on a problem of my own creation. Her process is professional and directed but I never felt rushed or pushed. She thinks about the person you are, what your needs are, your lifestyle, your dreams and tailors the organization of your space to match all of that. She is honest, an essential quality in a stylist, and helped me eliminate anything in my closet that didn’t make me look and feel amazing. She brought inspiration and life to pieces I had loved but given up on. She listens carefully to what you want, offers solutions that make maintaining her incredible work possible. Her skill and kindness know no bounds and she took an area of my life that caused so much stress and turned it into a fashionistas dream.

She doesn’t just makeover your closet or your clothes, I feel like my soul has been refreshed and lightened. Rachel brought back the joy I used to have when I first developed a love for fashion. My life is forever changed from my sessions with her and I feel like a new person and that person can take on the world, looking fierce while doing it!
— Amanda Tczap, Self-Portrait Artist, amandatczap.com
How do I express how awesome Rachel is? Well, if I had a tall enough soapbox to shout from, or a rooftop - I would yell it from there! She totally rejuvenated my whole wardrobe and even helped me figure out how to rock the dress that my great-grandmother wove by hand that I absolutely love but feel guilty because I don’t wear it. It is bright yellow and red stripes but Rachel made it have a very cool Anthropologie type of look – and I am totally looking forward to wearing it now!! It is like my eyes are now open and I love the new possibilities!

I love the style they wear on the show Mad Men; it’s irresistibly sexy to me. I have a very corporate job and the challenge was how to put together really cute appealing outfits that are fit for Wall Street and then happy hour afterwards too! I love the cute high-waist pencil skirt outfits she put together for me with matching jewelry and super cute dresses that are perfect for the office and for dinner after work.

Thanks so much Rachel! You are a rockstar!! I can’t thank you enough! You are amazing!
— Stella McCarter, Online Marketing Expert
After four long years in college I needed to find a job. The bad thing was the clothes you wear to class are not exactly interview appropriate. I began to drown in a long list of jackets, suits, shirts and shiny new shoes. Rachel put all my worries to rest and all in just one day of shopping. My wardrobe suddenly impressed everyone I encountered, but none of them could ever guess the prices. All my financial woes got saved by Rachel’s keen sense of where to go and what to look for. I have also used the pictures she took my wardrobe and have used them for many of my personal and professional profiles.
— Ivan Ninichuck, Professional Tutor
Rachel is a fabulous stylist and very helpful! [She has a] warm and patient personality, great tips.
— Christina Conti
Words cannot express how grateful I am for Rachel! She worked magic with the clothes in my closet, matching colors and patterns I would’ve never thought to put together. She also showed me my key colors. She helped me to shop for my new web site pictures so I can be the best representation of me. I have an issue with taking time out of my busy schedule to shop, and I get overwhelmed after one or two stores, so it was a dream to have Rachel do the shopping for the shoot. She has an ease and an openness that makes being naked in front of her in your closet like a no-brainer!
— Kim O’Hara, Book and Story Coach, A Story Inside, astoryinside.com
Rachel has been my stylist since 2014, and she has helped me streamline every aspect of my wardrobe. Compared to other stylists I’ve tried in the past, Rachel went beyond the standard guidelines for flattery and truly listened to my individual needs and preferences. She is cheerful and fun to invite over, yet she also encourages a lot of introspection, which is crucial to understanding why I like some things and not others. When I first met her, I was about to take an important step in my career, and she helped me successfully upgrade from a relaxed Californian dress code to a bi-coastal, corporate executive wardrobe - all while simultaneously reducing the amount of clothes I need and lowering my wardrobe spending drastically. This is the first time in years that I am not a “Level 4” customer at Nordstrom! Dressing for work has become much more fun, and I can honestly say that I consistently wear the bulk of my closet now that I know my ideal measurements and have my outfit formulas done each season. She has always been reliable and trustworthy, and I have recommended her to multiple friends and coworkers. Rachel has eliminated all of the wardrobe frustration I was experiencing. Rachel is the BEST!
— Rose, Executive
  - Sarah Glicken, Isagenix

- Sarah Glicken, Isagenix

Now I’m buying with a higher level of purpose and awareness. I’m like an architect in the role of designing and creation -not just reacting to the world like I used to. It’s so much more purposeful!
— Andrea Rivera, Financial Advisor
Before Rachel met with me she asked me really good questions about my personality, what image I want to convey, and any obstacles I have in shopping or issues with my wardrobe. She was amazing at getting to the heart of what I wasn’t expressing through my appearance because I had ideas stuck in my head about what I should wear and what I should look like. During our first session we tried on all kinds of combinations that had never occurred to me for casual, dating, business, and formal. She helped me tap into a hybrid style that reflects the creative way I wanted to dress when I was 8 years old, the “grunge” look I wanted in college, and the femininity that captures the woman I’ve become.

P.S.: Rachel is a thrift store genius for all styles. She advised that brown boots would look great with this dress. These new suede brown boots are from a local thrift store and cost $25!
— Christy Sanborn, Dating Coach
Since changing my career from a corporate person to a freelance photographer, I haven’t been able to figure out what to wear. I had a few issues like looking too young, heels aren’t going to work anymore since I’m often on my feet for hours, also office attire just aren’t comfortable but work out cloths aren’t appropriate to see clients either. After meeting Rachel, I mentioned these frustrations to her. She attentively listened to my needs and observed my style. She also asked me what type of photographer I wanted to be seen as and not just an any artist or professional. Then she came over to my house, looked at my closet and put together a few outfits that I’d never thought to wear together, including the clothes that have been hiding away for years! Then she recommended a few pieces that could go with them that I can buy, which are also super versatile! With these new outfits, I feel so confident and comfortable! It truly represents who I am today and not the corporate person I was back then. I’ll definitely go back to Rachel whenever I need to add stuff to my closet!
— Qi Wong, Photographer, qiwong.com
Rachel is very patient with all variety of questions. She makes you feel that your questions are legitimate and helps dispel my insecurities. I appreciated very much how she added meaning to the types of values we want to portray with our wardrobes.
— Julia Trakhtenberg
I loved how you gave ideas to add to my wardrobe that also fits with my personality.
— Molly Harrington