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Personal Styling


Metamorphosis Makeover

Complete a full makeover for $1499.

Or choose from a la carte options.

Step 1.

style Profile
(Recommended for New Clients)
$249 a la carte

Get back in touch with YOU! Gain confidence learning to dress for your best assets, both body and spirit. Over 2 hours, we will:

⦁ Connect your signature style to your best personality traits
⦁ Discover which colors complement your features (I sample your unique pigments - never using a pre-determined season or type)
⦁ Reconnect with your figure and finally learn to flatter the body you have
⦁ Reveal the ideal garment measurements to make you look taller, thinner, and more balanced no matter what your size
⦁ Identify key details that will attract synergistic relationships in your life

Step 2.

Closet Cleanse
$249 a la carte

Ensure everything you own fits and flatters your most ideal self. In this 4-hour session, we will:

⦁ Remove every item from your closet and evaluate its value in your life
⦁ Say goodbye to the clothes & accessories that are holding you back
⦁ Notice and name the shopping habits that aren't serving you
⦁ Identify beloved wardrobe items in need of alteration or repair
⦁ Re-Organize your closet to make dressing quicker and easier every single day
⦁ Analyze your calendar to quantify your realistic, sustainable wardrobe needs
⦁ Create a Suggested Shopping List of clothing items that will complete your fully-functioning wardrobe

Step 3.

Personal Shopping
Full Day $549, half day $249 a la carte

Complete your wardrobe with new, modern items precisely chosen to flatter the new, modern you! Over about 4 hours, we will:

⦁ Review your most pressing wardrobe gaps & Suggested Shopping List
⦁ Create a shopping strategy based on your schedule and budget
⦁ Either visit stores together or create a specially-curated "boutique" to shop together in your home
⦁ Select new wardrobe additions to perfectly round out a fully-functional wardrobe
⦁ Pin each new garment to your ideal measurements to ensure all your new items are perfectly tailored

Step 4.

Life Styling
$249 a la carte

Learn to effortlessly style your wardrobe quickly, easily, and without stress every single day. Over about 4 hours, we will:

⦁ Review your lifestyle
⦁ Create 10 fully-styled Power Outfits for your top 3 dress codes
⦁ Design 6 "uniform" formulas to help you get creative - and dressed! -  without stress
⦁ Learn the go-to color combinations to help you mix & match at home
⦁ Create a budgeted plan to maintain a modern, confident look going forward

*Also a popular choice for travel capsules and packing!

Step 5.

Digital Wardrobe Catalog
$499 a la carte (surcharge applicable for extra-large closets)

Think of it like the "Clueless" closet! The Digital wardrobe is here to help you remember what you own and keep a record of all your favorites! Over about 3 hours, I will:

⦁ Come to your home and photograph each item in your wardrobe
⦁ Teach you how to use the app and record your favorite outfits as you create your own at home!

After our session ends, I will:
⦁ Upload each item to a web-based app, complete with brand and descriptive titling
⦁ Record your Power Outfits so that you can remember each ensemble instantly
⦁ Organize your styled outfits by dress code so that you always know what is appropriate
The app can be accessed by any computer or mobile device, so you can pull up your entire wardrobe wherever you may be - especially those fitting rooms!