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closet REFRESHER - HALF DAY $299 - FULL DAY $539 

Inject new energy into your look by making your daily outfit process easier and more fun! Build on the pieces you love to stretch your investment to its full potential. 

Image Recharge - $1029

1. Design a unique image that will help advance you to the next stage in the game. Analyze what your current wardrobe says about you and discover the ideal colors and styles to look instantly more authentic, successful, and credible. 

2. Get dressed (and get on with life) more  quickly and easily than ever before. Learn how to mix and match smarter to uncover the hidden combinations of outfits already hanging in your closet and maximize the returns on your wardrobe investments. 



Are you looking for a wardrobe update without the retail price tag? Want to save money on clothes while your body shape is in transition? Do you want to do your part for the planet by supporting a green lifestyle - or just have fun with friends? Why not try a Style Swap Party?

  • One-on-one style session for the hostess before the party
  • Fun, interactive style workshop for your group of up to 10 people
  • 4 hours of real-time, on-site styling for the group
  • Special discounts just for your guests
  • Complimentary donation of left-over items - so you don't have to clean up!


Sometimes, it isn't about getting new stuff - you just want to learn to do more with what you have! Group workshops help you get crystal clear on the small changes you can make to take your look to the next level. It's also a great way to spend time with friends and get expert style advice together! Popular topics include:

  • Plan Your Season - make sure you have what you need (and not too much!) for your upcoming events and holidays
  • Find Your Unique Style - discover how to create an authentic look all your own... and wear it every day!
  • Dress to Impress - whether you want to make an impact on a boss, customer, or hot date, we engineer a look to remember
  • Date Night Damage Control! - All about how to attract quality matches and repel the rest... ;)
Six Lovely Moms at the Simi Valley Mommy Group Swap

Six Lovely Moms at the Simi Valley Mommy Group Swap

Healthy Facials by Arbonne's Debra Lauzon!

Healthy Facials by Arbonne's Debra Lauzon!


1. Discover the custom and ideal styles, colors, and garment measurements to show that you are the expert in your unique field. Your pivotal body points simulate perfect human proportions to make you look taller, thinner, and more authoritative - for life. 

2. Who wants to "reinvent the wheel" every morning? You can stop guessing, stressing, and reverting back to the same old things week after week. Learn how to mix and match smarter (not harder). Build your custom outfit capsules, and breeze out the door in as little as 5 minutes... every. single. day. 

3. Shopping (but fun for a change)! Cut through the mall maze and go straight to fitting rooms pre-curated with styles that will augment and refresh your existing wardrobe. I shop before you arrive to save your time, energy, and feet so you can walk away with pieces that will work hard for you.




You can also opt to shop from a special “boutique” curated just for you – I’ll bring several options right to your home. Skip the traffic, skip the parking, skip the skinny mirrors… and relax where you can immediately test new items with your existing wardrobe. Buy what you like with zero pressure from commissioned salespeople – and be certain that everything will work to form new outfits right away.


Would you love to use an app to track everything in your closet... if only you didn't have to enter the photos yourself? Keeping a wardrobe archive is fabulous for insurance records, avoiding wardrobe duplication, and access to custom outfits from me, wherever you are!


A client favorite! I review your itinerary, research the weather projections, and design a mini mix-and-match capsule especially for your trip. No more over-packing, forgetting key pieces, or arriving with mismatched separates. I also pack your bag so that you can move your outfits directly from luggage to closet upon arrival!

I had a great time and got some great advice!
— Katie, Mommy Group Swap Party
I really enjoyed learning about different styles!
— Bunmi, Mommy Group Swap Party
Vino & Visionboards Party September 2016

Vino & Visionboards Party September 2016

Spring Refresher Clothes Swap March 2017

Spring Refresher Clothes Swap March 2017