Dress Code Design


This coaching session is designed to help curate a stylish, functional capsule wardrobe for a single, important area of your life - such as work or dating.

Over 2 sessions of 4-hours each, we will work together 1-1 to help you elevate your #1 most impactful dress code. In these personalized sessions, we’ll upgrade your dress code by:

  1. Connecting your signature style to your larger life goals
  2. Going through every item in your target dress code to determine what is (and isn’t!) supporting your image
  3. Saying "goodbye" to the clothes that are holding you back
  4. Generating easy-to-follow, go-to “uniforms” for your daily routines
  5. Learning which colors to use to set the right tone for your life
  6. Calculating your perfect, life-long garment measurements to help you look taller & slimmer at any size
  7. Creating a shopping list of suggested wardrobe and organizational items to help you achieve your goals

What to expect...



Before I come to your closet, we will spend some time over the phone or Skype to:

  1. Gain detailed understanding of your inner personality
  2. Clarify your unique habits and your individual frustrations with clothes
  3. Discuss your calendar and the wardrobe needs it generates
  4. Ask you for a clear, natural-light photo sans makeup and selfie filters

Between this consultation and our next session I will:

  1. Calculate a realistic wardrobe size for an easy, mix & match capsule
  2. Sample the pigments from your photo
  3. Create your 100% personalized custom color palette

Day 1

For our first session, we will:

  1. Review your wardrobe goals
  2. Reveal your custom color palette
  3. Identify your inner power colors
  4. Measure your skeleton for your ideal garment measurements
  5. Conduct a partial Closet Cleanse for your desired Dress Code
  6. Get rid of the clothes that are holding your style back!

Day 2

Where Day 1 is all about strategy, Day 2 is about implementation. We will use your freshly-curated closet to:

  1. Organize your closet to make it easy to get ready every day
  2. Create 5 Fully-Styled Power Outfits from the clothes already in your closet
  3. Assess and pin your existing garments for future tailoring
  4. Teach you how to easily mix & match on your own
  5. Identify pieces to buy that will expand your wardrobe even more





Follow up

A wardrobe overhaul can be a whirlwind of information! To set you up for continued success, I want you to have the resources to remember what you learned and continue to use it every day.

After our session ends, you will get:

  1. Your Custom Style Guide, including...
  2. Personalized Color Palette
  3. Branded Power Colors
  4. Power Color Combinations
  5. A clear record of your 5 Fully-Styled Outfits
  6. DIY Guide to Mixing & Matching
  7. A 30-minute follow-up coaching call to make sure you are still dressing smoothly!