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Rachel took the time to get to know and understand me on a personal and professional level.
— Grace Moniz of Career Insights
We’d definitely work with Rachel again and recommend her as a stylist to any brands in need of one.
— Eliana Ghantous, Creator of Modjewel Handbags
Rachel brought back the joy I used to have when I first developed a love for fashion.
— Amanda Tczap, Set Photographer
I get overwhelmed after one or two stores, so it was a dream to have Rachel do the shopping.
— Kim O'Harrah, A Story Inside
She helped me successfully upgrade to a bi-coastal, corporate executive wardrobe - all while reducing the amount of clothes I need and lowering my wardrobe spending.
— Rose Nordbrock
She was amazing at getting to the heart of what I wasn’t expressing through my appearance.
— Christy Sanborn, Dating Coach
You did something to my brain. I dress differently now. Even with the stuff I already have. I like it. It’s like you enlightened a part of my brain.
— Qi Wong, Project Manager