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Catching Rae

To Sit and Sigh at Beautiful Things

Occasion: Daytime Wedding
Dress Code: Festive/Brunch-y
Outdoor Temps: 88°F
Activity Level: Low
Wearing: Theory dress (flea market), Standard Style necklace (Standard Style), Hollywould sandals (hand-me-downs), pearl bracelet (Standard Style? I think.), vintage clutch (pretty sure I got this at an antique store when I was in high school). 

OOTDs are back! But I'm still only operating at about 75% capacity after being out sick, so I'll keep it short today. 

"Never wear green to a wedding," isn't actually a rule - it's just what the bride shouted laughingly at me as I rounded the corner and spotted her (utterly fabulous!) emerald green wedding dress!

Thankfully, there was no worry about upstaging The Wedding of the Century, which included swords, a mime, two stilt walkers, a parade, a New Orleans style band, and a whole separate band for the reception. :)

So basically this outfit was built for me to sit around on a hot day, eat, and sigh at beautiful happenings. Done. 

Congratulations again to my newlywed friends - you are just the cutest couple ever, and everyone can tell how much fun you are going to have together!