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Port, Autumn Maple, & Butterum

Thankfully, this season provides a range of both light and bright browns to wear as neutrals! However, they do skew warm and may not work for everyone when worn next to the face.

IF you decide these for you, wear them near your face when you have a:

  • Warm undertone
  • Contrasting skin tone (e.g., avoid maple, butterum shirts if your skin is tanned like mine)
  • Similar depth of coloring (e.g., avoid deep port if you are very fair and low-contrast without significant lowlights in your features)  

You can also tone down the effect of these earthy autumn colors with...

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Grenadine Red

We finished off last week with how to evaluate color to see if it is right for you. Today, we'll talk specifically about red. 

Red is the color of Fall 2017 - Grenadine Red in particular. It's a bright, saturated shade with a warm undertone, similar to what I'd commonly label "tomato red."  It's being shown head-to-toe and paired with other colors in the red family, like pink and burgundy.

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5 Questions About Color

With every new season, we get a set of new trend colors - these are fantastic to help us feel modern and connected with this particular moment in time. However, not every color will be for everyone and, sometimes, we won't like any of the colors at all. 

To help prevent any "fear of missing out" on the new colors of the season and make sure that you are only spending your time, money, and presence on colors that are right for you, here are a few questions you can ask yourself during a quiet, contemplative moment...

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Parsing Trends: Ankle Slappers

Do you remember when it was considered horribly nerdy to wear pants that came up over your shoes and slapped your ankles when you walked? 

That stigma centered around the idea that the wearer didn't have enough self-awareness to realize that the pants were ill-fitting. However, this isn't the only place history has seen cropped pants. There are also the short pants worn by young boys

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