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But Why?? The 5 Surprising Reasons I Started Wearing Makeup

Last week, I was thrilled to announce my ColorFest collaboration with Hourglass cosmetics - an evening to help us get a head start on outfits for all those holiday photo ops!

But guys, I'm sooooo not a makeup maven...

My BFFs will tell you: I never really started wearing makeup at all until college, and then it was only the occasional lip gloss. At about 23, I started wearing tinted sunscreen to protect my skin, but I was pretty dead-set against the concept of makeup for everyday wear. To me, heavy makeup always made the wearer look like she was hiding something. Besides, the dark red lipsticks and blue eyeshadows I saw in the fashion magazines seemed overly girly and not very smart-looking. And I wanted to look smart and capable much more than I wanted to look "pretty..."

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