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5 Questions About Color

With every new season, we get a set of new trend colors - these are fantastic to help us feel modern and connected with this particular moment in time. However, not every color will be for everyone and, sometimes, we won't like any of the colors at all. 

To help prevent any "fear of missing out" on the new colors of the season and make sure that you are only spending your time, money, and presence on colors that are right for you, here are a few questions you can ask yourself during a quiet, contemplative moment...

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Father's Day Gift Idea: Comfy Sandals

Sometimes, dads just want to sit down after a long week and watch the game - but when they want to get out and have fun with you this summer, he needs the right shoes to take it easy on those feet... and we all know that guys don't always take care of their shoe situation the way we do! So how about gifting him the comfy sandals he won't invest in for himself?

When buying shoes, think about Dad's activities and foot health needs

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Parsing Trends: Dare to be Bare

Bare shoulders are an evolution from the Cold Shoulder trend from previous years, however the huge difference is that, instead of relying on cut-out details on the shoulders alone, this new trend bares at least one entire shoulder through to the center of the chest. I.e., there ain't no way to wear a normal bra with this one!

So what would that fact say about you?

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Parsing Trends: Spring/Summer 2017

What if I told you that some crazy lady was going around town, talking about you non-stop - and that this person had absolutely zero verbal filter? She'll tell people anything! Whether it's private or sensitive or completely untrue!

Kind of scary, right? 

But that's essentially what happens when you dress in an unintentional way: your appearance says all kinds of things about you that you never signed-off on. You give people the wrong idea about how they can treat you, how serious you are, or how capable you might be. 

Hey, if people are going to judge you all day long (and yeah, they totally do), then they might as well judge the real you!...

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