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Romantic Metal Sophisticate

All last week, we've looked at Valentine's Day outfits for different personality types, and today we're finishing off the pre-VDay series with a look at a Romantic Metal Sophisticate. 

This woman has always loved gritty music like industrial, death metal, and even a little goth now and then. It's a big part of her life, but she has moved on from her old teen look. She's successful, artistic, and feminine - and she likes integrating that part of herself into her look...

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Sunny Outdoor Eclectic

Yesterday, we looked at a Valentine's Day outfit suggestion for a Grunge Scientist Next-Door. Continuing the theme of accentuating your lovable self this month, today we'll have a look at an outfit for a Sunny Outdoor Eclectic!

The Sunny Outdoor Eclectic met her husband on a hiking tour of coastal California, and the outdoors have been an important part of their romance ever since. Her warm, upbeat, and optimistic attitude is one of his favorite things about her and makes a great balance to his stoic nature. They love to travel to far-off places...

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Grunge Scientist Next-Door

Yesterday, I threw down the gauntlet and challenged readers to set aside traditional heart motifs and look inward for this year's Valentine's Day outfit inspiration. To help you get an idea of how to accomplish that task, I'm sharing a couple of date night ideas for a personality I'm calling my Grunge Scientist Next-Door!

This gal is awesome, because she not only has a genuinely kind spirit in her day-to-day interactions, but she also dedicates her life to studies designed to save endangered animals. She is warm, friendly...

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