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Under the Weather, Out in the Weather

I really, really wanted to bundle up cozily and disguise my awful coif and visage, but it never makes me feel better to go out and about in pajamas. If anything, it creates the illusion in my own mind that I'm sicker than I really am. So I was determined to fake a half-normal appearance so I could eat my Pho and will myself better. 

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Parsing Trends: Shouldered Burden

This week, we're looking at even more Spring Trends! Last week we finished with some bare shoulders, and today it's the complete opposite: shoulders so big and cavernous it looks like you could smuggle exotic cats in there. 

2017's big shoulders are different from the big shoulders of yore in terms of being softer, more rounded-off at the corners, and generally made of lighter-weight fabrics. 

But what kind of statement is this?

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Parsing Trends: Dare to be Bare

Bare shoulders are an evolution from the Cold Shoulder trend from previous years, however the huge difference is that, instead of relying on cut-out details on the shoulders alone, this new trend bares at least one entire shoulder through to the center of the chest. I.e., there ain't no way to wear a normal bra with this one!

So what would that fact say about you?

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Lettered, Ladylike & Looking

This week, we're covering Valentine's Day outfit ideas for different personalities! We've covered a Grunge Scientist Next-Door, Sunny Outdoor Eclectic, and some philosophical thoughts on dressing as a single person. Today, we're going to expand on the latter subject and show you an outfit for a gal who is Lettered, Ladylike, & Looking...

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Hemlines, Adornments, & Looking for Love

I had intended to share another outfit idea with you today, but I realized that I needed to take a step back and give you a bit of a prelude before talking about outfits made for my single ladies. So today I'd like to discuss the ancient, mystical, super-duper-culturally-ingrained connection between clothing and mating. 

One of the oldest pieces of evidence for the use of clothing is a fringed waistband - or "string skirt" - which was basically used to exaggerate the look of pubic hair on women of child-bearing age. Men could spot the string skirt from afar and know instantly that she was a potential mate. As time went on, the use of the skirt evolved and changed depending on the culture and could include information like marital status as well - how convenient that one little garment could tell the world that you are Single and Looking, right?

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