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To My Fellow Workers on Labor Day

Happy Weekend, everyone!

As we gear up for Labor Day and our kinda-sorta-maybe goodbye to summer (try telling that to today's humidity!), thoughts turn to the rapid approach of the holidays, parties, and gift shopping - but this weekend, let's take a moment to reflect on the meaning of Labor Day and what this holiday means to all of us. 

For me, this celebration of the working class is quite possibly the most important secular holiday of them all - I can't help but get a little misty-eyed thinking of the sheer numbers of hardworking people it takes to keep our society in relative comfort and prosperity. 

As an entrepreneur, I have had the pleasure of meeting room after room of individuals dedicated to this delicate symbiosis - people who love being there to help others with everything from plumbing to the mysteries of the spirit - and the truth is self-evident: none of us could ever get along alone, without a little help from our friends. 

As much as it sometimes feels like we are pressured to DO. IT. ALL. NOW., the gifts and industriousness of our peers exist so that we don't have to! Everywhere we turn, there is someone with the potential to make our lives a little better and a little easier. 

So here's to all of YOU, who have filled yourselves up with expertise and knowledge about hair, skin, auto parts, electricity, feng shui, dry cleaning, shoe repair, sewing, fitness, massage, marketing, websites, and photography... so that I can do the work I love, too. 

Have a safe holiday, everyone! See you Tuesday!