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Catching Rae

Found in Translation

Do you have a strong sense of who you are and what you'd like to accomplish but get stuck when you have to translate all those complex ideas into a handful of garments? Today, let's talk about taking your 3-Word Style Statement and turning those inner values into visual cues that will help the people around you understand "what you're all about" more quickly.

Every color and design element out there comes with a lot of history (read: baggage) attached. Some of these associations come from ages of evolutionary experience (like clear blue skies suggesting optimism), and some of them can be pulled from cultural memory (the way oversized shoes might remind us of clowns). This is great for you, because it leaves you with tons of material to reference - and if you aren't naturally interested in Fashion, you never have to pick up a single fashion magazine!

If you're a dramatic personality, for example, you might look to paintings or movies depicting dramatic scenes. Do you notice the deep, shadowy colors used in chiaroscuro? How about the bold, moody colors of a David Lynch film? How are the most dramatic characters dressed?

If you more of a romantic and classical individual, you could also look to classical art & architecture for inspiration. You might be drawn to the draping on classical sculptures or the detailed carvings on buildings. What shapes, colors, and pictures stand out to you?

You can also take a look at the chart posted above to get those creative juices flowing! This chart shows how a few common human attributes can be translated into both color choices and clothing styles. Color, in particular, is one of the quickest and easiest ways to communicate your values.

In case this all still sounds like Greek to you, we'll be back later this week with a couple of real-life examples of this process and how you can make your true character visible to the world. See you next time!