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Catching Rae

Finding My Tribe

Occasion: Client Appointment
Dress Code: Smart Casual
Outdoor Temps: 69-75°F
Activity Level: Moderate
Wearing: My Tribe "Striped Leather Jacket" (Ebay), Lush asymmetrical tank (Irene's Story), Big Star jeans (Nordstrom), taupe tote bag (swap party), Aldo "Friorel" booties (Aldo), Jiji necklace (DIY from a Kiki's Delivery Service cellphone charm).

The overcast weather must have me feeling nostalgic, because almost everything in this outfit comes with some sort of back story. The tote came from a recent swap party, the "necklace" is actually made from a cellphone charm that I think we found in Chinatown, the booties came to me via an out-of-state cohort who helped buy and ship them to me since Aldo would not ship stock between stores (waving at Kristin in SF if you are out there!)... and the jacket is finally mine after three long years or Ebay stalking!

I first came upon the awesomeness of this pieced My Tribe jacket at Feng boutique in Kansas City, MO - but the near-$500 price tag was out of my range. So I did what I always do when thwarted by dollar signs, and I signed up for an Ebay saved search. Time went on, and a handful of this style did come up, but none in my desired size - until this month! I know I truly love something when I still actually want it years and years later, so I pounced on the Buy It Now immediately.

The Striped Leather Jacket is just as I remember it - possibly even better! I am over the moon about the clever construction which integrates tiny stretch panels and creates the most comfortable fit ever. It's a leather jacket that feels like yoga sweats, man. And there's no hot polyester lining to prevent me from wearing this baby right now.

Unlike some waterfall collared jackets, this one also comes with convenient hooks built in to help you cinch the jacket closed - in both single- and double-breasted modes. This means I can be all flowy-flowy one minute and pretty darn clean and tailored the next, which makes it really versatile. 

You may have figured out that I'm something of a jacket fanatic... and this just might be my favorite leather jacket so far, winning out over the Mackage, Vince, Veda, and even my cheerful citron Doma. It's just something I feel like I could throw on all year round, for almost any work activity, and feel instantly badass and comfortable. 

If you long for leather yet demand the comfort of a stretchy topper, definitely give this style a go! 

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