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Catching Rae

Dressed for Warmth, Left Feeling Cold


Occasion: Thanksgiving errands
Dress Code: Smart Casual
Outdoor Temps: 66°F
Activity Level: Moderate
Wearing: Helmut lang tank, Veda leather jacket, Theory skinnies, Oh! Shoes booties, Jas M. B. London bag, Revibe necklace.

Alert the Pope, everyone: it dropped below 70 in LA! 

I almost couldn't believe it, but I jumped at the chance to wear a jacket and pants at the same time - and during the day, to boot. I threw on this super-comfy standby outfit of tee-shirt-and-jeans alternatives and headed out the door to run Thanksgiving-y errands.

One thing that is surprising me is how some of my go-to outfits of years passed, like this one, are feeling very cold and unfriendly on me today. I still love each piece individually, but something about this year seems to have left me either a) more tan in November than I typically have been; b) "warmer" in personality, and thus gravitating toward warmer colors; or c) a bit of both. 

Now that I've recognized this about myself, I'm going to test my theory and make an effort to adjust last year's outfits to make them work better for me this year. To that end, I'll plan to:

  • Strive to always wear a warmer color near my face (green, yellow, warm pink, rust red)...
  • ... or wear a cooler color like teal with a warmer neutral (olive, brown, taupe)
  • Re-evaluate my makeup collection
  • Possibly add some brown to my winter wardrobe

If you have just pulled out last year's winter clothes and find that they just aren't doing it for you anymore, don't panic! It does not mean that "you've been doing it wrong" up until now. People are always evolving and changing due to both external and internal influences (e.g. more sun exposure altering your skin tone or hair color or becoming more relaxed and easygoing). A change in style preferences simply signals that you have grown since last year - and that's awesome!

... even if it means you have to adjust your clothes a little. But hey, it's better than being stuck in a rut!