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How much do you need... really?


These past few weeks on Facebook, I've been musing on the benefits of Spring Cleaning - especially when it comes to the ol' wardrobe. As it turns out, clutter can increase cortisol (that's the belly fat hormone!), reveal unproductive thought patterns, and even perpetuate negative and unhealthy body image. A good closet clean-out can work wonders to reset your mind and body for the new season.

But a true, thorough closet cleanse can leave people feeling anxious - especially if the great purge has left you staring at a single, lonely pair of depressingly black office slacks. How do you know you have too much, too little, or just enough stuff? And, if you don't have enough, how do you know what to buy? You don't want to make the same mistakes all over again!

If you find yourself struggling with these questions, here are some tips to help you measure your wardrobe abundance: 

  1. Determine which dress codes influence your life, and count how many days you are held to each dress code each month. More on this here
  2. For each dress code, decide how often you are both willing and able to repeat an outfit in a month. This number will be influence by both preference and logistics (such as how active you are in your clothes and laundry days).
  3. Take each answer from Step 1 and divide it by the answer from Step 2. This tells you how many outfits you will need this season.
  4. See if your closet can yield the necessary number of outfits from Step 3 (more on this below)!

Let's say you need 20 work outfits per month. And let's say you'd love to ONLY do laundry every 2 weeks... that means you'd need 10 individual outfits for your work capsule.

Now, there are a lot of blogs out there that are super into capsule dressing and the idea that you can make thousands of outfits from just a handful of items - which could be true... or not, depending on your preferences. You might not like mixing striped pants with plaid shirts! Or your dress code may not allow that scarf to be worn as a turban. Or the proportions of certain combos may simply look unbalanced or feel uninspiring.

The only solution is to PLAY with your lovely clothes and see how many options you really have! Have some fun. Get creative. See what shakes loose. 

And if you can't seem to muster up the number of outfits you need, then we can dream up ways to fill the wardrobe gaps, make your closet mix-and-match well together, and get maximum use out of every piece... which, of course, is another post for another day. :)

How are your closets feeling? Abundant and harmonious? Scarce and disjointed? Abundant and disjointed?? I'd love to know!