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Before You Clean Out Your Closet


Spring is almost here! That means it's almost time to clean out those closets and manifest a fresh wardrobe for the new season - BUT...

There is one important thing to do before you reach in to the chaos and start purging clothes, and that is to look at your calendar.

Your Calendar & Your Closet

One of the #1 struggles I see with my clients is what I've learned to call a "fantasy wardrobe." Sometimes, if we are shopping for a little retail therapy while stressed or overworked, we tend to grab items that represent activities we wish we could do instead of stressing and working - clothes for the beach, or dinner parties, or vacations we never get around to taking. If these fantasy wardrobe items start to take over the closet, it then leaves us with fewer options for our day-to-day lives and creates visual closet clutter that makes it harder to decide what to wear each day.

To analyze your calendar before a closet clean-out, ask yourself:

  1. What DRESS CODES will you need to follow? Do you WORK outside the home? Do you need CASUAL clothes for weekends? Will you be attending a WEDDING? Will you go to the GYM? How about important MEETINGS or TRAVEL plans?
  2. How many DAYS will you spend in each dress code this season? Most people spend about 60 days in work clothes and less than 24 days in casual attire. But those numbers might change if you're planning a big trip or massive work project!

Becoming clear about where you'll go and what you'll do this season will help you focus on your true daily priorities - because the goal is to feel awesome in your clothes every day! This will also give you a frame of reference for what to keep and what to toss when you clean out your closet...

... more on that process coming soon!




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