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The Skinny on Baggy Jeans


Lately I've been noticing the inevitable evolution from culottes and wide leg trousers to wide leg jeans! This style appears in both a 70s high waist and a very grunge-like, hip-slung, oversized style. While I love the 70s look on others, it just doesn't work with my short torso and saddlebags, so here I am trying out 90s oversized wide-leg jeans. :)

The main problem with baggy pants in general and wide legs in particular is that they widen the frame - and, when you're on the short end of the spectrum like I am, your frame may not be able to hand much widening! Exaggerated wide legs simply make me look squat. 

One way to combat this is to wear a higher heel than normal. While that's not out of the question for me, I have yet to find my perfect pair of comfy sky-high heels, so I've enlisted the other strategy to combat potential leg-stumpage: a slimmer wide leg!

While some styles in stores flare out dramatically from the hip, these men's Levi's 511s fall straight down from the hip, making the volume much more manageable. 


I've also opted for bare arms with these baggy britches in order to keep the look even more trim. If you don't want to bare your arms, you can also wear a tailored or body-conscious top to balance out the volume of the jeans. Wear a shoe that matches the brightness of the jeans to keep your leg line long.

Anyone out there a fan of this 90s throwback? Do you find them hard to wear?

Rachel Klewicki2 Comments