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Happy New You! 5 Style Resolution Writing Prompts


Happy New Year, everyone!

I absolutely luuuurve the turnover to a new year, because it brings with it one of my favorite activities: setting New Year's Resolutions (and setting them so they stick)!

When I was younger, I used to approach resolutions as a laundry list of "stuff" I wanted to "get" within the next calendar year. This meant anything from a better body to a better job to a better handbag and anything in between.

And you know what? Year after year, I'd write out my lengthy list... and promptly forget all about it by Valentine's Day.

I never ever fulfilled my resolutions until I started to make the connection between each resolution and the deeper "why" behind it - the pain point or area of frustration in my life that the resolution aimed to ease.

As you're staring down your own list of style resolutions for 2018, here are 5 helpful writing prompts you can give yourself in order to focus, edit, and strengthen your commitment to each goal:

  1. What about your wardrobe worked well this year? And how did you achieve that level of success?
  2. What about your wardrobe left you feeling frustrated? Were you faced with an occasion or dress code for which you felt unprepared? Did you keep reaching for some certain item that you didn't own?
  3. What might you have done to prevent those moments of outfit agony, and how might you do things differently in 2018?
  4. What new adventures do you have planned for the coming year? How might your wardrobe need to change in order support your other goals?
  5. What inner changes have you undergone since last year? And how might your wardrobe change to better reflect the person you are - or the person you'd like to be! - today?

This year, I feel called to take my workouts up a notch, connect with my local community, and see more live music shows. In order to support these goals, I plan to update my closet with flattering & current workout gear; make a point to support even more local artists, designers, and vendors when I shop; and pre-plan a capsule of concert-going outfits so that I don't feel rushed and stressed when we go out to a show.

I'm also making the commitment to reserving more hours of each workday for my in-person clients - which means I will be cutting my blogging schedule down to 1 post per week. However! I'll still be posting regular tidbits and outfit ideas on Instagram and Facebook, so please do keep in touch there for lots of style tips, trends, and closet hacks!

What are your resolutions for 2018?? And how will your closet help build your dreams?