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Setting the Tone: How to Wear Color When it Makes You Uncomfortable


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Sometimes when I jump up and down and flap my arms about the importance of color, my excitement gives off the impression that "color" has to be bright, bold, and cheerful - but that is not the case!

If you look great in brights - AND you love to wear bright clothes - then go ahead and wear bright, cheerful outfits a la J. Crew, Boden, and Kate Spade. However, some of us might LOOK great in brights but feel terrible, conspicuous, loud, and uncomfortable in brights. Others might not look good in very bright clothing at all. 

I generally fall into the former category - my coloring looks best in brights, but I don't always feel great in them. 

For those of you like me, here my Top 3 Tips tips to help you wear color in a way that flatters you inside and out:


1) Split the difference on brightness

Look for colors that are darker, paler, or less saturated, depending on your coloring. In this outfit, this Spanish Olive top is not necessarily my All-Time Best Color Ever, but neither is it a super-dusky olive drab. There is still enough saturation to bring some color to my face. This "turns down the volume" of the outfit without washing out my complexion.

2) Pair brights with soft neutrals

Pairing brights with black or with complementary colors will intensify both colors. If you want to soften your look, reach for soft neutrals like brown, taupe, dark olive, dark burgundy, navy, and gray. This also makes outfits look more sophisticated and expensive.

3) Don't default to black!

If color scares you, don't necessarily default back to black! Black is actually one of the toughest colors to wear near the face (unless you have very specific coloring), and it is hard to mix with bright colors for the reasons mentioned above. I always tell clients to treat black as a very bright color.

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