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Give Humidity the Slip

Happy Monday!

Whew, it's been a long, humid week here in Los Angeles, and my summer outfit powers have definitely been strained. I'm used to a dry heat, people! I don't know about you, but humidity makes me feel altogether sticky and gross - like all kinds of dust and dirt cling to my sweat all day. Yuck. This makes it so. darn. tough. to get dressed, because so many fabrics - like silk and polyester - tend to stick to your skin in humid conditions.

To help combat the humidity problem, I recently bought this adorably simple Helmut Lang t-shirt dress off Ebay. It's lightweight jersey material not only soaks up misty perspiration, but it's also dark enough to hide the odd pit stain without being totally black. Huzzah! 

... except for the fact that it's also totally see-through. Ugh. 

I almost had heart palpitations wondering how I'd find a slip with no compression, a low enough v-neck, a slim enough fit, and fabric that wouldn't leave me steamed and sweaty in this heat. All I could remember seeing in stores were body shapers and silky things designed to help a dress... well... slip. 

Thankfully, a short search led me to this inexpensive little modal slip on Amazon. It's lightweight, soft, breathable, v-neck, short enough for my dress, and adjustable at the straps to help create the perfect neckline. 

If you need a comfy jersey slip to help get you through the summer, I highly recommend this one! I am 5'4", 125lbs, wear a size 2-4, and I purchased the small slip. I chose the black option for my brown dress, but there are 7 color options, including 2 different shades of nude.

For modest and air-conditioned situations, I also threw on a very lightweight cotton moto I nabbed from the local Goodwill boutique. Thin toppers like this are priceless for me in the summer, so I grab and hoard them whenever I find them. Accessories in gold, white, and beige keep the look acceptably cheerful and summery despite the dark brown tone of the dress. 

It doesn't look like the humidity is going anywhere this week, so I'll likely be busting out my entire arsenal of jersey dresses before the month is over. Here's to staying (mostly) cool and dry! o_0