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Parsing Trends: Shimmer Like a Girl

Custo Barcelona, Milly, Sies Marjan, Christopher Kane

Custo Barcelona, Milly, Sies Marjan, Christopher Kane

Happy Friday! What better way to kick of the weekend than with some sparkle and bling to help you dress for Saturday night?

Shimmer, shine, sparkle, glitter, rhinestones, patent leather, and bedazzling are all over the place this Fall, and one of those incarnations is reflective fabrics. Shiny satin, velvet, and lamé are all great examples - and Christopher Kane even went for a full holographic effect! The look is wonderfully elemental, sumptuous, and FUN.


Shiny clothes may be trendy - but they won't be right for everyone or for all occasions. Here are a few associations to consider before you buy into the look:

  • Lingerie/pajamas
  • Ballgowns
  • Glitz, glamour, party time
  • Glam rock, theatrics
  • Luxury, upperclass
  • "The Future"/space
  • The Feminine

How to Wear It

Shiny fabrics can also be tricky to wear, because the reflective properties can highlight lumps, bumps, and imperfections. It can also be too much for some dress codes. The more fabric involved in the shiny piece, the greater the impact. To tone the shine down and make it more wearable in the real world, think about:

  • A satin shell or blouse in a grown-up color for office wear
  • Saving head-to-toe sparkly dresses for the holidays
  • Pairing a matte item with some shiny details - like insets or a belt
  • Wearing shiny skirt paired with a textured sweater or casual jeans
  • Avoiding extra shine in your problem areas
  • Opting for a looser fit - such as satin culottes or a-line skirts, rather than body-con pencil skirts

As a half-Lithuanian girl, I totally have the Eastern-European magpie jean and have always loved shiny stuff! I'm very, very excited to rock my metallic leather jacket, silky skirts, and various velvet items this Fall. Will you join me? Or is this trend literally too flashy for you?