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Occasion: Anniversary!
Dress Code: Beachy Casual
Outdoor Temps: 82°F
Activity Level: Low
Wearing: Old Navy pintucked dress (Old Navy Clearance), Express necklace (thrift store), upcycled crossbody (flea market), Mephisto sandals (Ebay), vintage shirt (on The Husband, thrift store)


Last week, I very happily announced the upcoming #LadyLeader workshop, which is produced by my total girl crush Tiffani Sierra of Improv It Up...

... but even amongst all the girl power, I have to say that I would never be here, working 1-1 with clients, able to do meaningful events to help other women without the man in my life. 

The Husband has always been an Extreme Free Spirit, not settling for any compromises - he's arranged his life to have a lot of free time, and he hasn't had a traditional job since... college?

I used to be insanely jealous of this. 

I was jealous, resentful, begrudging, self-critical, and pretty depressed. I thought I could never have that kind of life because of my background, my parents, the artsy-fartsy degree I'd chosen, my complete lack of cool-girl-I'm-somebody-in-LA-type connections, and a million different things I thought spelled out NO NO NO. 

Thankfully, the guy I was so jealous of always encouraged me to see beyond my perceived limitations and go out and grab the life I wanted for myself! Like dropping everything and driving up to Solvang and Santa Barbara on a total whim on our anniversary!

Now I'm able to pay it forward and do the same for others, using what I'm passionate about to help others step into the perfect style that will support all of their goals and crazy dreams.

If you're a leader who's looking to do the same - lift others up, help uncover their true potential, and ultimately DO GOOD WORK - definitely consider joining us for #LadyLeader at the end of the month - we'd all love to see you and be another source of help and inspiration as you build your reality.