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Mental Imbalance


Do you ever find yourself drawn to clothes that seem totally unlike you? You see it, you love it, you buy it... and then you have no earthly idea what to do with it?


I don't know if it's today's eclipse or just the summer heat getting to me, but this weekend I simply had to pull this floaty yellow dress out of the closet and take it for a spin.!

On the surface, this dress is wrong for me in so many ways. The sweet, girly ruffles are too feminine for my personality, and the style emphasizes a waist I don't have while adding volume right where I normally don't want it. The color is also extremely sunny, optimistic, and carefree, which never even described me in childhood (I'm told I'm an old, serious soul).

Still, something about this dress called to me - just enough to make me plunk down a whole $1.00 and take a very small gamble. Something about the gauzy fabric and pebble-y print felt earthy and subversive. 

Dysphania sagana  , the  yellow moth

Dysphania sagana, the yellow moth

There the dress hung in my closet, waiting for a nice warm day when I'd feel girly enough to reach for it...

And all of a sudden it hit me: this didn't have to be a "girly ruffle dress" - it could be a yellow moth dress!

Once I made this connection, I no longer felt the mental imbalance of too much feminine energy. I pulled out my combat boots and black accessories to work like the black tips in the moth's wings, and everything finally fell into place. 


Although some of you out there may decide I have a mental imbalance because I'm inspired by a moth, I bring this up today because we have been talking about color last week. This outfit reminds me that color never exists in a vacuum. Although yellow and white are bright and cheerful colors, they can be reigned in and tempered by earthy and serious brown and black, as well as literally heavier fabrics like leather. 

Do you have any beloved items languishing in your closet because they don't feel 100% you?

Try pairing your item with unexpected colors and see what happens! Reach for things that feel like the polar opposite of your problem item, and see how the mood of the overall outfit shifts. 

The eclipse is a harbinger of change, after all!