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Parsing Trends: Ankle Slappers

Aritzia, Vivienne Tam, Sies Marjan, Versace

Aritzia, Vivienne Tam, Sies Marjan, Versace

Do you remember when it was considered horribly nerdy to wear pants that came up over your shoes and slapped your ankles when you walked? 

That stigma centered around the idea that the wearer didn't have enough self-awareness to realize that the pants were ill-fitting. However, this isn't the only place history has seen cropped pants. There are also the short pants worn by young boys, knickerbockers worn by athletes and construction workers, and Capri pants derived from the island of Capri. 

Although there are many precursors to today's cropped pants, the unifying feeling behind them is one of relaxation and freedom from the blahs of everyday adulthood. The conscious choice of an adult to wear an ankle-slapper over a full-length "proper" trouser also suggests a bit of rebellion and counter-culture influence. As such, they are usually not appropriate in formal business environments.

How to wear them?

This length can be tough to pull off, since they truncate the leg line - here are some tips for wearing cropped pants as a normal-height or short person!

  • Wear matching shoes with a high vamp, such as mules, booties, or pumps with ankle straps.
  • Leave a bit of ankle showing between your shoe and the bottom hem of your pants. 
  • OR! Wear a very tall boot that extends up higher than your hem. 
  • Hem the pant legs to about one "head" length off the floor to balance your figure.
  • The shorter you feel, the narrower your pant legs should be. Wide, flappy legs will only make the proportions feel more squat. 

Will you be rocking ankle slappers this year?