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Grenadine Red

We finished off last week with how to evaluate color to see if it is right for you. Today, we'll talk specifically about red. 

Red is the color of Fall 2017 - Grenadine Red in particular. It's a bright, saturated shade with a warm undertone, similar to what I'd commonly label "tomato red."  It's being shown head-to-toe and paired with other colors in the red family, like pink and burgundy.

The Meaning of Red

From Pantone, grenadine is:

A powerful, evocative, dynamic red, Grenadine is a confident and self-assured attention-getter.

Bright red is also the color of hunger and impulse (fast food chains) and danger or urgency (stop signs, exit signs). In this case, red can also be seen as aggressive, overly-dominant, overly-attention-seeking, dangerous, or stressful.  

How to Wear It

Firey reds like this can be be tough to wear from a flattery standpoint if your coloring is soft or cool. 

IF you decide this color is for you, wear it near your face when:

  • You have warm, bright coloring. 
  • You want to command attention, passion, and strength. 
  • You don't need to be subtle or gentle.  

You can also tone down the effect of this bold color with: 

  • Relaxed, approachable fabrics like knits and sweaters. 
  • Layers that look friendly and soft, like pink or denim.  

If you love the color but it doesn't necessarily flatter your skin tone, you can wear it:

  • Away from your face, in pants, boots, or handbags.
  • A darker or cooler shade, like burgundy or cherry. 
  • A lighter or softer shade, like brick or Nantucket red. 
  • I small doses such as a belt, brooch, or clutch.

I've been drawn to this red all year, pretty much since January. I plan to wear it with deep, down-to-earth shades like chocolate brown and burgundy to make the color feel more natural and soft. How do you feel bout grenadine? Is it one of your go-to choices? A new addition? A new outcast? I'd love to know!