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5 Questions About Color

Pantone's Fall 2017 Color Report

Pantone's Fall 2017 Color Report

With every new season, we get a set of new trend colors - these are fantastic to help us feel modern and connected with this particular moment in time. However, not every color will be for everyone and, sometimes, we won't like any of the colors at all. 

To help prevent any "fear of missing out" on the new colors of the season and make sure that you are only spending your time, money, and presence on colors that are right for you, here are a few questions you can ask yourself during a quiet, contemplative moment: 

  1. How do I feel when I look at the color? Do I want this mood associated with me?
  2. Where have I seen the color in nature and in the world at large? What kind of animals appear in this color? What kind of brands use this color? What kind of message are they sending?
  3. Where might I have seen this color in history? Or in my own past? Is my reaction to this color "colored" by a particular experience?
  4. Have I worn this color before? How did that work out? Why?
  5. Do I have the color in my closet right now? Do I wear it? Why or why not?

This is all to get us thinking about color in terms of language, message, associations, and utility in addition to aesthetics and fashion. Do you have any thoughts about this year's Pantone color trends? Do any colors feel right for you, but seem hard to wear? Do you have any new insights about colors you've worn before? I'd love to hear!