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Christmas (Clothes) in July?

It happens every year at every store: all the Fall and Winter merchandise rolls out to the retail markets in freakin' JULY. We're talking wool coats, puffer jackets, scarves, gloves, boots, and long underwear... 

... just when it's getting really hot. When you're planning for your trips to the beach/river/lake/amusement park. And in our case here in SoCal, when we likely have a good FOUR MONTHS to go before the temperatures start cooling down.

It's so frustrating to walk through the mall and see store after store of Stuff You Can't Wear - and it's even more frustrating when you buy it all only to stare at a closet full of Stuff You Can't Wear. Somehow, it makes the heat of summer feel even more muggy and oppressive!

So why bother paying attention to clothes during the summer?  Why not just close your eyes and ears to it all until the end of October?

Here are a few reasons why it's helpful to take a peek, even if you don't shop:

  • It helps you get an idea of what looks modern and current.
  • It will help you shop for gifts later on. 
  • Some colors, cuts, and styles might be great for summer, even if the materials aren't.
  • And the summer stuff is often on clearance! This is the best time to shop for summer clothes, as the stores are pushing old merchandise out!

Coming up, I'll share some of my picks from my favorite Fall sale, which starts in July. Then we'll look at the Fall trends and what they say about you, so you can start mulling over your cold-weather looks now and be prepared.