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Catching Rae

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I recently had the opportunity to style an amazing photo shoot featuring Beksan Designs jewelry in an 1800s-inspired business-to-beauty portrait series by JennKL! If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you may have already seen some of the results, but I also wanted to take you behind the scenes and share some easy style tips for this type of shoot. 

First, meet the team:

Photography: JennKL

Hair/Makeup: Stephanie Baez

Beauty Concierge: EC Stylebar

Jewelry: Beksan Designs

Model: Adriana Natale

The purpose of this particular shoot was to highlight both the creativity of the photographer and the upscale elegance of the jewelry. Together, our production team created a loose day-to-night story of a sleek, powerful business woman with a touch of old-world style.

For wardrobe, I made sure to pull items that 1) fit with the theme of the shoot and 2) supported lots of opportunities to display the jewelry. This meant decadent fabrics like silk, velvet, beautifully made linen - the tan jacket is an amazing piece by Max Mara Weekend! I also love the subtle harlequin styling of the two-tone silk blouse and the intricate beadwork of the gown. These final selections also both kept a palette of earth tones to suggest some of that aged, 1800s charm and tie the two looks together.

If you ever need to dress to promote your or a partner's fashion products, here are a few tips:

  • Choose items in harmony with the look and feel of the featured brand.
  • Make sure the featured product is easily displayed and not obscured by other clothing or accessories.
  • Don't layer the featured product on top of busy, distracting prints or on another product of the same color - it will tend to "disappear."
  • Do layer the featured product on top of a contrasting backdrop to help it stand out.
  • Have fun and let the piece inspire you!

Do you have a photoshoot coming up and need wardrobe or styling help?