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Handbag as Jewelry

A while back, we talked about how to add visual interest to an outfit when it's too hot to layer - and today I wanted to share an outfit that follows that same idea with one difference: here I am obviously wearing a layer, but the humidity combined with my metal allergy prevented me from wearing anything but the most minimal jewelry. 

Many people suffer from metal allergies - which can range from a simple need for a higher metal purity to the need for totally nickel-free options to the complete exclusion of metal jewelry. Moisture almost always exacerbates these issues because it helps nickel salts transfer onto the skin. For me, high humidity usually means that I will develop a rash even when wearing sterling silver or 18K gold (even this thin bracelet irritated my skin after an 8-hour day). 

I could feel the moisture in the air when I got dressed, so I was extra excited to have received this awesome Ted Baker butterfly clutch from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

This adorable clutch looks teensy-tiny on the model in the stock photo, but it's just the right size for me and easily fits my card holder, phone, keys, lipstick, and blush compact. 

It's also the perfect addition to a jewelry-restricted summer outfit because:

  • The pretty rose gold chain adds sparkle near the face in lieu of a necklace.
  • The fun print adds interest and detail.
  • The bright/white coloring feels lighthearted and uplifting.

Since I'm very picky about which prints speak to me, my little bag is fantastic to pair with my mix-and-match hot weather basics: my Talbots tencel blazer, Madewell linen tank top, and Free People jersey "scrunch" skirt. 

On a separate note, I was also sooooo glad to have these lightweight items in breathable materials with the air so sticky and gross! Nothing is worse to me than the feeling of a polyester satin lining next to my skin on a humid day... Eeeeeeeew!