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Reader Request: Over-the-Calf Socks for Dad

Sometimes we just don't know what our dads want until they up and ask for something crazy that we never would have thought to get them - like "knee-high" socks! 

Ever since my own father asked for these a few years ago, I've taken extra note whenever a male client mentions them. Standard mid-calf trouser socks tend to end at an awkward part in the middle of the leg, which means that they either sag or roll down throughout the day or bite painfully into the leg and cut off circulation. I can't tell you how excited my guys are when they learn that socks can fit a different way!

Click through the Polyvore to check out a range of different over-the-calf socks, from plain and utilitarian to the boldest of the bold at the aptly-named 

A few tips for sock-shopping:

  • For most guys, try to match the background color of the sock to the colors of dad's pants.
  • For your quirky dads, choose a contrasting sock that coordinates with his shirts or ties.
  • For the most comfy socks, look for natural fibers like cotton, bamboo, and merino wool - wool actually has cooling properties in the summer, but polyester will make feet sweat.
  • Don't be afraid of a subtle pattern - these can help dad look extra put-together and detail-oriented!
  • Use the key words "Over Calf Socks" - "knee-highs" will tend to direct you to ladies socks. 

Happy sock hunting!