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Catching Rae

Happy Independence Day Weekend!

Even when I was very young, my mother and I had these knock-down-drag-out battles about what I would wear to school. I remember one day in particular, a devious little thought occurred to me: why not avoid the fighting, wear what Mom wanted, and then just change after I got to school?? This is how I ended up running around in American-flag-print spandex peplum biker shorts for most of the first grade!

Man, those biker shorts were hideous, but they made me feel like Axl Rose, and that's all I cared about at the time. :)

But you can see how, all my life, freedom and autonomy in dressing has been super important to me. Looking back on this memory, it makes me extra grateful to live in a country where no one - not the government or my parents or my spouse - can force me to dress any particular way. When dress codes are enforced, they are enforced through mutual agreements, such as employment and school enrollment. The rest of the time, we have freedom of expression all the way!

And you know what? Sometimes expression can be hard - we don't know exactly what to wear, because we aren't sure exactly what we want to say. There are so many permutations, and combinations that it's tough to choose...

... but at least we're free to choose. 

Happy 4th of July, everyone! I'll see you back here on Wednesday, July 5th. :)