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What to Wear to a 4th of July Pool/Beach Party

We're really ramping up to a full-summer situation now! I can't believe the 4th of July is only a few days away!

When planning outfits for those beach/pool extravaganzas, I always find that layering is the key to staying comfy all day - from sunshine to fireworks. 

  • Swimwear that isn't too skimpy - this usually isn't the time to get your most even tan, and it's more practical for ins-in-outs from the water to the guacamole and back again.
  • An easy-on-easy-off 1-2 piece coverup. Look for comfy jersey that resists wrinkles so you look great after it's been sitting on the back of your lounge chair for hours. 
  • Waterproof sandals with proper traction for sand/concrete.
  • A large tote for your sunnies, towel, sunblock, and other sundries.
  • A great sun hat & eyewear.
  • A cozy coverup that can be left open or closed up to dial in your warmth levels!
  • One easy, durable accessory to finish off your outfit after the water sports finish.
  • And don't forget a change of undies so you don't have that dreaded wet-butt spot for half the evening!