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Cover Up with New Fabrics

Whether you need too add a cami under a sheer, open-weave sweater or pop some cropped leggings under a dress for modesty, there are more fabrics available than ever before to help you keep cool and collected during the summer - without sacrificing style!

To name a few featured here:

  • Bamboo - when you see bamboo as the fabric, it is usually a type of rayon made with bamboo fibers. Still, bamboo is different from other rayons because the plant is extra absorbent and will help moisture wick away from your body.
  • Coolmax - a great new feature in denim for both men and women, Coolmax uses technical polyester fibers to improve breathability. Available from brands like Levis, NYDJ, Abercrombie, and Tommy Bahama. The Abercrombie men's versions are so popular that most sizes are sold out! The Husband owns a pair by Tommy Bahama and really notices the difference!
  • Airism - Uniqlo's in-house moisture-wicking fabric that actively pulls moisture away to keep your skin feeling cool. I own this tech, and it really does feel icy to the touch!

You can also find cooling performance fabrics by outdoor brands like Ex-Offico, Royal Robbins, etc., however these are built for activities like hiking and fishing... and they look like it, too! They may be a good option for a simple button front shirt with ventilation, but they aren't realistic for a modern wardrobe.