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Cover Up with Tencel

Today we're continuing our look at heatwave life savers with a look at rayon/lyocell/Tencel. These fabrics are made from wood pulp so, while they are technically man-made fibers, they still breathe very well in the heat and feel far more comfortable than polyester - I LURVE me some rayon, because it allows me to cover my arms and legs in the summer without cooking myself in a steam-bath of sweat! Yum yum...

There are many different reasons to cover up despite the heat, including:

  • Modesty
  • Sun sensitivity/protection
  • Bursts of air conditioning
  • Dress codes
  • Personal preference

So when one of these elements comes into play, it's simply amazing to cover up with a comfy fabric. Rayons tend to have a soft and smooth texture, little weight, and significant drape. They can come woven or knit - and while the wovens do tend toward wrinkling when squished into one shape for long periods, IMO they do resist the wrinkles better than woven linen. 

Do you have rayon in your wardrobe? Click the Polyvore for links and item info!