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Reader Request: How to Add Interest Without Layers

Happy Monday - hope you and your dads all had a fantastic Father's day and spoiled your papas silly this weekend! If your weather was anything like ours, then this post is just in time - we had scorching temps, and everyone had to scramble to remember what the heck their go-to summer items were.

So today I'd like to reply to dear reader Etta, who asked how to maintain the level of visual interest she usually creates with scarves, jackets, and other layers... when it's so hot that layering is simply impossible. 

Airy Layering

Yeah, I know. I said, "without layers." But if you love the look of layering and it is a natural, easy strategy for you, you might make it a point to stock up on gossamer layers made of knit linen, linen-silk, viscose, tencel, or rayon. For some, this will still be too darn hot - but for others it will be a perfect balance of coverage and ventilation.


Cut & Color

Some people prefer classic shapes and neutrals all the rest of the year, yet they feel drab and boring once the ability to layer is gone. For these times, they can amp up the color and creativity of their looks to make sure that interesting stuff is literally "built in" to the outfit. Look for origami folds, pleating, draping, cutouts, scallops, and asymmetry. 


Embellishment & Print

You can also build interest into your look by choosing summer items that are more ornate than you usually like. The pitfall here is usually that the stores are usually flooded with only one trendy type of embellishment - and if it doesn't happen to match your style, you can feel like a very silly Goth girl swathed in bubblegum rhinestones! You may need to be patient and collect embellished summer items that suit you over time. Look for piping, beading, lace, mesh, patches, graphics, studs, spikes, and more!


Shoes, Bags, and Non-Metallic Jewelry

One of the most common complaints my clients have during the summer is that they can't wear any of their favorite jewelry in the heat! Head causes perspiration, and moisture always tends to ramp up metal allergies - so even those who can wear metal the rest of the year feel horribly uncomfortable in necklaces and bracelets during the summer. To solve this problem, there are plenty of accessories made from materials like horn, lucite, stone, beads, and leather. You can also forego the jewelry altogether. Start thinking of your summer bags as a replacement for your go-to blazers and leather jackets, and invest in some fun stuff with print, stripes, texture, or and shine. 


I'll try to make a point and take some outfit photos while it's blistering hot this week, so you guys can see these strategies in action! Until then, don't forget the sunscreen and H2O... O_O