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Catching Rae

Styling a Business Photo Shoot

Ever wonder how to get those perfect photos that tell the world exactly what you do and what you're all about? Here's a glimpse into the magic of a shoot for an exciting health and wellness business! 

Featured Business: Triple Peak Paleo

Photographer: JennKL

Hair and Makeup: Calibella Organic Makeup Boutique

Art Direction: Ellen Jaworski

Triple Peak Paleo's fun approach brings ease to your wellness routine without sacrificing a bit of your busy, adventurous lifestyle - so we chose wardrobe that is simultaneously bold, friendly, and bright as well as clean, simple, and down-to earth. 

Every detail had to be just right - from the location to the makeup to the adorable "peak" bracelet and shoes we chose as subtle nods to Triple Peak Paleo's inspiring logo!

Ellen is soooo not your typical granola guru, so we didn't want her to look like one! For her outdoor shots, we chose wardrobe to highlight her active, on-the-go lifestyle to let other avid travelers know that globe-trotting can be healthy, too. 

(Aren't those blue eyes like freakin' laser beams??)

The awesome thing is that you don't need to have your own business to let your image help do the talking - professional photography, hair, makeup, art direction, and styling can all help you crystalize your look for weddings, dating profiles, corporate headshots, family gatherings, and so much more. 

Because if you're going to mail those Christmas cards to every single person you know, then they might as well be cute, right??

Here are a few more shots from the shoot - and behind the scenes showing Jenn, Christina, and me in action! O_O

Even more pics from the photographer's perspective here.