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UPF Hats for Mom at $50, $100, & $200

How many times has your mama reminded you to wear your sunscreen? This Mother's Day, you can totally return the favor by helping her care for her skin in a fun and fashionable way by gifting her a sun hat with built-in UPF protection!

Shopping tips:

  • Look for details counter to Mom's face shape - if her face is round, look for angles & asymmetry; if her jaw is square or pointed, look for curves and a domed top; if her face is long, try a wide horizontal brim. 
  • Try a classic straw hat for ladies with a beachy spring style - and opt for bold colors or a ball cap style if mom is more edgy or sporty.
  • Avoid utilitarian-looking "gear" hats made of canvas or cloth - you want something to protect mom during everyday wear (not the African safari).
  • Match mom's natural coloring - you might like a bold stripe if mom has high-contrast features, while a soft texture would feel better if mom's look is low-contrast.

It's awesome that so many brands offer hats with sun protection these days! And while styles and quality may differ, you can get a nice selection at any price point. Click through the image to go to the Polyvore with links and item details!