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Mother's Day Gift Idea: Nature-Inspired Stone Bracelets

Today we're continuing our series on Mother's Day Gift Ideas, and one of my favorite things to give and get is jewelry! It's easy to fit, easy to wear, and doesn't have to break the bank. This season has brought us lots of Natural Wonders to choose from so that you can find Mom a lovely stone statement piece no matter her style and taste. 

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Image via Wikipedia

Image via Wikipedia

Shopping tips:

  • For an earthy or edgy mom, look for pieces that pair stones with details like leather, rivets, and boldly chunky shapes. 
  • For a feminine and sophisticated mom, opt for refined details like delicate chains, minimal styling, and polished metal.
  • Think about scale - don't overwhelm a very petite mama with giant, heavy looking jewelry or pick something too teensy for a tall, muscular, or curvy figure.
  • Try angular shapes for straighter figures and more fluid designs like chain and leather for curvier figures. 
  • When in doubt, keep the width of the bracelet no larger than an "okay" signal made with your thumb and index finger.