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Thank You for Our Freedoms

Memorial Day Weekend is a damn fun weekend - the unofficial start of summer, a time to drink beer and overcook burgers in the backyard, and a time off work to spend with beloved friends and family. 

But let's also remember the true purpose of Memorial Day: to remember and honor those who gave their lives to protect our freedoms. 

We may not agree with every single battle or every single war - but we can still appreciate the profound sacrifice of men and women who died for the overarching concepts of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 

In that vein, this weekend I want to bring things down to ground level and be consciously thankful for all the inane, silly, bizarre, and rebellious things I can get away with in my closet because I live in a country that values freedom of the individual. 

To all the fallen soldiers, thank you for my:

  • Freedom to wear sweatpants in public
  • Freedom to totally ignore the belt loops on my jeans
  • Freedom to tuck only half of my shirt into my pants, like they do in those J. Crew ads, and feel like a million-dollar rakish schoolgirl
  • Freedom to make and sell shirts with fabric missing from the shoulders
  • Freedom to decide for myself how short my mini skirt should be
  • Freedom to spend lavishly on shoes while eating Saltines all month
  • Freedom to start a TV show where I tell everyone else how badly they're dressing
  • Freedom to laugh at the Next Big Thing in Fashion
  • Freedom to have a Next Big Thing in Fashion
  • Freedom to walk around with giant holes in my jeans
  • Freedom to walk around half-nekkid in the summer - or winter!
  • Freedom to wear cheap t-shirts with swear words and middle fingers and pot leaves on 'em
  • Freedom to wear camo print even if I'm not in the military
  • Freedom to burn my bra
  • Freedom to shop for weeks until I find a perfectly-fitting bra
  • Freedom to show my bra in public
  • Freedom to totally cover my bra in public
  • Freedom to ignore the results of the ASVAB aptitude test they gave us in high school
  • Freedom to invent a career that lets me shop and talk about clothes all day
  • Freedom to take a day off from shopping and talking about clothes all day
  • Freedom to be who I truly am

Happy Memorial Day, everyone. Be free, stay weird, and let your "freak flag" fly.