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Figure Flattery Isn't Everything

Now that we've talked at length about Body Types, Profile Types, and Vertical Pivotal Points for figure flattery, I'd like to take a moment to share my most important advice as a Personal Stylist: stop stressing about it!

None of us want to actively uglify our figures, so of course we can remember which basic shapes, cuts, colors and details look best and keep an eye out for them in the stores. However, it's even more important to unshackle yourself from perceived flaws that are only skin deep.

Style is a powerful tool for communication, connection, and attraction - and  since all of our most attractive attributes are on the inside, the most important job for your clothes is to make your inner beauty visible. 

When Inner Beauty Opposes Figure Flattery

You might be thinking, "But if I'm beautiful on the inside, shouldn't that be reflected in aesthetic beauty on the outside?"

Of course! But beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Most of the time (not just sometimes!), our unexpected quirks and quibbles are what make us the most endearing. Some of examples of this are when:

  • Purposefully odd outfit proportions reflect your unique perspective or artistic eye
  • A too-voluminous outfit detail accurately expresses your over-the-top personality
  • Leg-shortening cropped pants are totally worth it to you because you love being modern and trendy

The idea is that you make the decision to purposefully break the rules in order to make a point about who you are. How rebellious and unconventional you are will determine how many rules you break! You might, for example, wear an unflattering pant length while still maintaining a flattering neckline, color palette, and overall silhouette.

As you gear up for the weekend, remember to have fun! Because even when it comes to clothes, it really is what's on the inside that counts.