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Throwback Thursday: Denim On Denim

Most of my tween and teen outfits make me recoil in severe omgwtf - but this little pic from 1988-ish can't help but make me think that I had been primed for the denim-on-denim trend in my formative years. ;)

I can also see my:

  • Love of boots
  • Tomboy influence
  • Penchant for rugged/distressed items
  • Preference for a long line of color from top to bottom
  • Sensitivity to dress codes (when on a pony, one must wear cowboy boots!)

Sometimes we learn rules about style that are helpful when we are young - or when a certain look is in style - that no longer apply to us as adults living in a totally new world of fashion. When I was in elementary school, I remember I used to cry buckets if I couldn't match colors perfectly - I was so afraid that people would notice my mismatched blacks and think I looked shabby! And now I tend to feel that mismatched colors look more effortless... go figure. 

Did any style conventions stick to you when you were young? Are they habits you are glad to have - or habits you wish you could break? Are there any old "rules" that no longer hold true for you? Or do you wish you could get back to that carefree way of dressing you had in your youth?