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How Proportional is Your Body?

Yesterday, we talked about how the ideal human body is 8 head-lengths tall - but if you're like me, it's more complicated than simply dividing your height by 8 to see if that number matches up to your head length (and if you're like me, you just end up finding out something terrible, like that my head is sized for someone 7 feet tall)!

Instead, there are several pivotal body points that will 1) help you tailor your clothes to better fit you and 2) help you evaluate your body proportions to see where you can "cheat" a hemline to elongate your frame. 

Pivotal Points

First, divide your body with an imaginary line at these points (you could also take a photo and draw an actual line at all these spots on your body:

  • Top of Your Head
  • Jawline
  • Breastbone
  • Natural Waistline
  • Low Hip (where your outer thigh joins your hip area)
  • Middle Knuckle of Third Finger
  • Center of your knee
  • Halfway between your knee center and the floor
  • The floor

In a perfect world, these lines would divide your body in to 8 perfectly-equal segments. 


Even if you do nothing else, tailoring your clothes to these points will make your clothes look a  million times better than off the rack, because they will actually fit your body, rather than the mystery fit model used by the clothing designer - if they even use a fit model! Many brands are now cutting costs by designing and cutting their clothes "flat," which means they are never tested out on an actual 3D form.

Are You Out of Proportion?

But what happens if you draw these lines on your photo and notice that you are very out of proportion? You can be out of proportion in two ways:

  1. Your head length is a different length than the rest of your body segments.
  2. Any one of your body segments is a different length than the rest. 

If you look at the main photo, you'll see that the placeholder for "Your Approximate Proportions" has a jaw-to-breastbone length that is much shorter than the "Idealized Figure." This means that her chest segment is out of proportion. 

What Can You Do?

Anyone at home can "eyeball it" to help tailor their clothes to adjust disproportionate body segments. 

  1. If your body segment is too short: have the tailor make that hemline a little lower than your natural body segment. If your chest is short like the figure above, you would want your tailor to cheat your neckline a little lower than your breastbone.
  2. If your body segment is too long: have the tailor make that hemline a little shorter than your natural body segment. For example, if your hip segment is too long, you can have your tailor shorten your tops to be a bit shorter than your leg-hip joint. 

Who Can Help?

This is of course the very simplest version of vertical adjustments, and these tricks don't account for the fact that  you can't really adjust your head, jaw, or overall height. 

If you aren't satisfied with these small adjustments, the full Fashion Fit Formula will mathematically calculate (using 80 lines of code that are never allowed on the internet!) the exact hemlines to trick the eye into seeing more perfect body proportions.

If you'd like to learn more about this process, leave a comment or send me an email! I am currently the only stylist certified in this process in California, and my clients are loving it.

How are your proportions looking? Are you having trouble finding your breastbone or leg joint? Is it hard to tell just by looking whether or not your segments are of equal size? Let me know about that, too, and I can help talk it out here on the blog.