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Monogram Your Way to Motivation?

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The science is in People!

A Subliminal Style reader just shared this post from Positive Prescription, which cites studies in the Journal of Marketing Research showing that personalized products actually help improve performance. The studies find that:

"...students worked and played better when using items they had decorated to portray aspects of themselves. Even though participants did not expect any benefit, they threw customized darts more accurately, they came up with more anagrams using a customized pen, and they played a beer-coaster flipping game better with customized coasters. Across the studies, customization boosted performance by 25 percent."

- Quote from Scientific American

Although this correlation may sound surprising, it makes sense in a world where our products are more generic than ever before. Literally millions of people throughout the world may be wearing the exact same shirt as you at any given moment. Production and fast fashion make it difficult  to feel like anything is ever truly yours, so something that is marked with your special signature would of course feel more special - and make you feel special as well!

But personalization does not just have to mean monograms!  You can put your personal stamp on your outfits with any  kind of personal touch. This can be as simple as buying an outfit from several different stores rather than buying The Ensemble straight off a mannequin. Designing your own, recognizable look that says YOU and no one else is that much better.  

As the study demonstrates, it is not just beauty at stake anymore. Surrounding yourself with specialized and customized items makes you feel special - and inspires you to act accordingly.