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Mini Skirts & The Vitruvian Man

Before Mother's Day, we talked all about different ways to flattery your body type and profile. Both of these strategies help you balance out your look along the horizontal axis - that is, from side-to-side and front-to-back, respectively. 

Today I'd like to talk about the most overlooked aspect of figure flattery: proportions along the vertical axis (top-to-bottom). 

In 1490, Leonardo da Vinci's studies concluded that the ideal human body would stand 8 head-lengths tall, as shown in his famous Vitruvian Man drawing, as well as the figure drawing to the left. Since then, the 8-heads proportion has been the standard for clothing design - the problem with this, of course, is that so few of us are born with these perfect body proportions!

Have you ever tried on a dress only to find that the "waistline" cut across your bust - or hung down near your belly? Or have you ever struggled with fitted tee shirts that pull and cling to your tummy pooch? The common reaction is to blame our body, when the real problem is often that the clothes are literally made to fit someone else!

8 heads female - client comparison.jpg

Last year, I became certified in a new technology called Fashion Fit Formula that helps address exactly this problem. Since few of us have the option to have a completely custom-designed and custom-sewn wardrobe, FFF Founder Janet Wood developed a mathematical system to determine the perfect sleeve, shirt, skirt, and pant lengths for any individual. Through her system, stylists like me are able to measure your skeleton and generate a simple set of measurements that you can take to any tailor to help you look instantly taller, slimmer, and more perfectly proportioned. 

In my case, I have a very short torso, which causes most tops, jackets, and sweaters to cinch and cling at all the wrong spots on my middle - my measurements help me adjust the waistline on my clothes to create a longer, leaner-looking abdomen!

As another example, one of my clients has a very short neck and extra-long hip - her measurements let her know the perfect neckline to elongate her neck, and the perfect mini-skirt length that will balance out her bottom half.

Many of these adjustments consist of a simple hem that costs as little as $5, and the measurements are good for life.

I'll talk more about Fashion Fit Formula and how to evaluate your vertical proportions at home later this week! Stay tuned!