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Tips for Dressing a Circle Body Type

Today, we're concluding our series on dressing to your body type, focusing on the Circle & Square shapes!

Circle shapes are widest at the MIDDLE, with narrower hips and shoulders. The Square is a variation that is also widest at the middle, but that also features broad shoulders & hips and a straighter figure overall.

One of the most common mistakes that Circles and Squares make is to wear clothes that are too large or too voluminous for their frame, thinking that this will sufficiently "hide their flaws" - when this practice actually exaggerates the feeling of width and volume. For both of these variations, you'll want to focus on creating a strong vertical line to counter-balance the width of the middle, while also celebrating daintier features like your legs, wrists, and ankles. 

Draw the Eye Center


  • Bold horizontal stripes 
  • High necklines such as crew, boat, and ballet necks
  • Styles that cling to the tummy, such as tailored shirts, peplums, and bodycon knits
  • Styles that add additional volume to the tummy, such as trapeze or bubble tops
  • High-contrast belts and fully-tucked tops, which will highlight your widest point
  • Monochromatic & low-contrast between shirts and jackets, which will enhance the volume of the torso
  • Low-rise pants and jeans that will create the dreaded "muffin top" 


  • Vertical or diagonal details like stripes, long necklaces, contrast plackets, or scarves
  • Low v-neck, scoop, or plunging necklines 
  • Styles that skim the widest point of the middle, such as blouson, boyfriend, shirting, dolman, and batwing styles
  • Fabrics with enough body to hang without puffing out or clinging
  • Belts worn under a jacket or sweater
  • Contrasting shirt-jacket combinations, with the brighter, bolder, or more interesting color/pattern worn as the shirt.


Elongate Your Frame


  • Boxy, billowy fabrics that add volume
  • Cropped, boxy top styles that hit near your middle
  • Obscuring or adding bulk jewelry to your smallest features - which may be your wrists, ankles, neck, etc. depending on the person.
  • Dramatic wide-legs & flares, which will create the illusion of width from head to toe


  • Longer styles like tunics, hi-low, and asymmetrical styles
  • Curved "shirttail" hems on shirts, blouses, and tees
  • Skinnies, shorts, capris, and skirts to showcase the legs
  • Eye-catching jewelry on your smallest features
  • Fun, detailed bottoms to draw the eye to your slim legs

Again, my #1 tip for my Circle girls is to stop hiding behind a huge mass of volume. Skim your curves up top, and then show off your gorgeous gams! Even if you are modest about showing veins or knees, as I know some of you are, you can totally rock fitted capris, leggings, and skinnies. 

Up next... the examining the often-ignored Profile Body Type! All about balancing, slimming, and otherwise flattering your side view - because unlike the people in the catalogs, we have to live in 3D. :)

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