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Catching Rae

Trendy Friendly Gamine

Our Easter outfit series continues today with a look at an ensemble for the Trendy Friendly Gamine! 

The Trendy Friendly Gamine is a tomboy with a bright and cheerful feminine side. While she loves to be casual and comfortable enough to pal around with the guys, this personality also derives great joy from the new and exciting fashion offerings that hit the stores each season. This Easter, she plans to join a group of freinds for a relaxed outdoor BBQ that will most likely include a round of backyard croquet or bocci ball.  

For her outfit, we've done a modern, feminine spin on the easy-breezy jeans-and-tee-shirt ensemble. To keep the look up to date, we incorporated the embellished trend with high waist pearl jeans, the flatform trend with some adorable fuzzy slide sandals, and the tiny bag trend with a tough-looking mini satchel. Then we finished it off with a very Spring-appropriate nod to oversized jewelry with a bright and chunky floral necklace.  

Although she jumps on new trends every season, this personality maintains a signature look by always focusing on: 

  • The latest, updated basics like tees and jeans
  • Eye-catching statemet pieces
  • Tailored-yet-comfortable styles that never fit too tight
  • Sporty shoes
  • Trendy handbags
  • Bold, high-contrast color combinations

Does this style jive with you more than Monday's soft floral dress or Tuesday's tie dye leggings? Does it give you any ideas on how you might re-package some Spring trends for your own purposes? Or are you still looking for a way to feel seasonally appropriate without losing  your edge?  

If the latter applies to you, come on back tomorrow whe we'll show you a look for a Light & Stormy Lady!