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Catching Rae

Quirky Comfy Cowgirl

Today we're continuing with some Easter outfits for a variety of personaities - yesterday's style statement was Graceful Gentle Geteel, so today we'll go in a totally different direction and talk about my Quirky Comfy Cowgirl! 

The Quirky Comfy Cowgirl is not content to sit calmly on the sofa this season. She's artistic, sporty, and energetic, so this Easter she will likely lead all the kids in their egg-decorating, hiding, and hunting. She'll also teach kids of all ages how to mold and decorate their own chocolate and gummy candies. 

For her outfit, we went with a dyed-egg-inspired legging-and-tunic combination to maximize mobility and comfort while also expressing her creative nature. We incorporated the embellished/found art trend with a cute bunny keychain and took advantage of the hands-free bag trend with a convenient backpack that will keep her mobile all day long. We finished off with low-heeled spring booties and a statement hat to keep her comfy in the sun. 

This personality's signature style elements include: 

  • Cheerful colors
  • Stretchy fabrics
  • Looser fits that allow a good range of motion
  • Practical shoes
  • Abstract prints
  • Soft neutrals like gray, taupe, and cream

This definitely isn't a typical Eater outfit that you would see in most magazines or look books - this particular person is not too interested in floral patterns or delicate details. Instead, she embraces the season's cheer and optimism in a way that best helps her celebrate with her family.  

If this look is hard for you to relate to, stay tuned! We have three more style personalities to explore this week with lots of alternative ways to make some Spring fashion trends your own!