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Catching Rae

Prosperous Proper Preppy

Happy Friday! Today we're roundig out a week of Easter outfits with an ensemle for a Prosperous Proper Preppy.

The Prosperous Proper Preppy has worked hard to achieve her station in life and enjoys dressing with dignity ad subtle flair. She is polite, educated, professional, and sophisticated. This Easter, she will host a quiet cocktail and dinner party at her home with family and friends. 

For her outfit, we created a light and cheerful shirt and pant pairing since she does not enjoy baring her arms and legs as a rule. To keep her modern and chic, we incorporated a subtle version of several trends: flared cuffs/bell sleeves, low-contrast banker stripes, a translucent stone bib necklace, and embellished kitten heels. The outfit is finished with accents of acid green to pick up the gold in her jewelry and add a little more strength and power to the look. 

The Prosperous Proper Preppy's signature look always revolves around:

  • Soft colors near the face
  • Bold, striking accent colors
  • High quality, refined jewelry and shoes
  • Conservative pieces with good body coverage
  • Dressy pieces like slacks and shirts (very few knots and jeans) 

I hope you enjoyed this series on personality-specific Easter outfits! Even though your look may not match any of these examples exactly, it's a great way to get ideas on how to incorporate dramatic runway trends into your everyday life.  

Next, we'll talk about figure flattery so that you can determine which of the looks you love will also love you back! 

Happy weekend!