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Catching Rae

Light & Stormy Lady

Do all the whites, ruffles, florals, and candy-colored pastels leave you feeling a little queasy every spring? But do you also feel way too dark and heavy for the season when you revert to your go-to blacks and grays from Fall/Winter? Take a cue from today's Easter outfit personality: the Light & Stormy Lady! 

Our Light & Stormy lady blends a sense of gritty pragmatism with feminine softness and a bit of rock n' roll flair. She isn't a total "tough chick," but neither does she like to appear docile, sweet, or overly welcoming. She can sometimes seem standoff-ish, but that suits her just fine since she chooses her close friends carefully. Her Easter celebration of choice is to join her boyfriend and another couple for happy hour and karaoke at a kitchy local dive bar.  

For her outfit, we touched on the embellished trend by choosing darkly glam accessories that temper the prettiness offlorals with tough leather and lots of bling. We also bared her shoulders but made sure to offset the flirtatious style with a dark print worn with edgy leather culottes. A muted ankle strap tyle hits on a shoe trend, balances the color of the top, and keeps the outfit from feeling too wintry or aggressive. 

Regardless of the season, this gal's signature look always includes: 

  • Deep colors
  • Rugged  like leather, suede, denim, or canvas
  • High, slim heels
  • Sexy, fluid tops

One more day and one more Easter Outfit Personality to go! See you tomorrow with my Prosperous Proper Preppy!